Alpaca Paca Pwaa...
Alpaca wool in a basket

Advantages of Alpaca’s wool?

Alpaca wool is the textile fibre given by the alpaca (or llama pacos). This fibre is a high-end material that is warmer, softer, stronger and lighter than sheep’s wool. It is still a mystery to many people because it combines strength and softness like no other camel fibre.

Alpaca fibre comes in a multitude of colours. In fact, this fibre has the greatest diversity of colours in the world: 22 colours can be distinguished in alpacas.

As mentioned above, different qualities of alpacas can be found: there is the Suri one which is better than the Huacaya.

Alpaca wool is rare: the world production is about 5000 tons per year. Therefore, its price is quite high: it is necessary to count between 20 and 40 CAD per kilo for raw wool, or 160 CAD once it is spun.

The properties of alpaca wool

The wool obtained from alpacas allows designing resistant, warm, light and insulating clothes.

Indeed, this wool has an insulating power seven times superior to that of sheep’s wool. Its softness is also incredible and is close to that of cashmere. This wool will protect you from the cold with softness without making you sweat because of its thermoregulatory virtues.

This wool also has the advantage of being very light. It is therefore pleasant to wear and respects sensitive skin.

Another advantage of this material is that it is very resistant and hardly pills at all. These characteristics allow you to extend the life of your garment.

Main advantages:

  • It comes in a multitude of colours.
  • It is resistant and durable over time.
  • It is delicate and soft to the touch.
  • Clothes are made of this material, don’t fray and do not create static electricity.
  • It has a strong insulating power: it can be used in different climatic conditions.
  • It retains its natural shine even after being bleached.